New York

Jennifer's and Smithtown(click for photos)
Got here on Wed. The container with all Jennifer's stuff was to be here on Fri,so we had a day of rest. As it turns out the driver of her container got sick and the company had to send out a new driver. No container till Mon. Nothing to do until then so we decided to go to Niagra Falls Canada.

Niagra Falls
About five hundred miles of boring turnpike. Note: We spent approx $50 on toll fees for the bridges in New York and all the turnpikes. Niagra Falls Canada was pretty awesome. Just happened to spend some time at Boston Pizza while the girls went exploring and shopping. Managed to have several Rickards Red, very tasty. After dark we rode up to the top of the Tower. Nice view of the falls and the surrounding area. At night they have a light show on the falls. Nice!

New York City

We went to NYC on Sat. Acted like normal tourists. Took the Long island Rail Road from Jennifers to Penn Station in NYC. Well, not really from Jennifers but a station about 8 miles away. It turns out that the train that leaves from about 1 block from Jennifers was undergoing repair that Sat and was not convenient to use. But it wasn't all bad. The train was scheduled for 9:02am but arrived at 8:52am. It wasn't on the schedule but turns out to be an express with only 1 stop instead of 8 or so. Saved us about 30 minutes.

Empire State Bldg
First went to the Empire State Building, the 86th floor observatory. First is the line for security. Then the line to buy tickets. Then the line for the elavator to the 80th floor. Then the line for the elavator to the 86th floor. We skipped that one and walked up from the 80th to the 86th floor to save 20 to 30 min waiting for the elavator. We lucked out in that it wasn't the normal 2 to 3 hour adventure. Took us about 1 1/2 hours. The view was worth the wait.

Times Square
From the Empire State building we walked to Times Square. It seems like it is a requirement in Times Square that all business must have a large lighted billboard.
NYC is something else. All over the city there are street vendors selling sunglasses, tshirts,hats,purses, food, etc. Tons I mean TONS of people everywhere.
Food was next on our schedule and we found a Deli. Typical New York deli? Who knows, but it was good.

Central Park
Next we walked thru some of Central Park. Nice park. Lots of people. One big area everyone was lounging around in bathing suits like it was the beach. There was a sand volleyball court but I didn't play. I didn't want to embarrass them with my California gezzer volleyball talents.

Staten Island Ferry
Staten Island ferry
Next we tried to figure out the subway. Wanted to go to the Staten Island ferry. Figured it out after we missed the first two. Eventually got there and rode the ferry to Staten Island and back. Had a good view of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhatan from the ferry. Jennifer and Kristin thought the Statue of Liberty would be a lot larger, like a small skyscraper.

World Trade Center area
World Trade Center site
From there we walked to the World Trade Center site. Walked around the whole thing and never did find the memorial. The new buildings are to be finished in 2012.
Across the street from the World Trade Center site, the building had a second floor where you could get a better view of the new building construction. The WTC is a huge site. Wandering through this building we found an very nice outdoor cafe, Southwest NY. Looks like a place to be to watch the sunset while having a cool one. It's on the waterfront where several larger yaachts were docked.

Next subway again but now we are pros. Rode to Penn station to catch the Long Island Rail Road back to Jennifers. All in all a good day.